Horizontal Sections

Tiffin’s interlocking horizontal sections are designed to meet industry standard sizes. The horizontal sections are constructed of 20-gauge, galvanized steel with a heavy zinc-coating which adds to the life and aids in prevention of corrosion. Our material meets the highest mill standards. Tiffin Horizontal faces can be completely assembled on the ground and easily lifted into place on your structure.

Horizontal Square Corner

When used with our 11″ Square Corner Stretch Face Trim, the overall size is 12’3″ x 24’6″, with a copy area of 10’5″ x 22’8″. The trim is easily installed. The 45-degree overlap corner design not only makes for a neat and clean appearance but also strengthens the corners when vinyls are wrapped around the complete face. Tiffin’s center joint goes together for a smooth fit with no gaps. The trim snaps on quickly and is available in white or gray. Special colors are available.

Each face consists of: (1) set of 11″ Square Corner Stretch Face Trim, (1) package Trim Brackets, (8) 18″ wide x 24’51/2″ long interlocking Horizontal sections, (2 or 3) Sprits, (18 or 27) 2″ Hook Bolts, (4) or (6) Hanger Plates. (“H” brackets available upon request.)

Download the Square Corner product sheet.
Download the Square Corner assembly instructions.

Horizontal Radius Corner

Tiffin’s Horizontal Radius Corner build has an overall size of 10’9″ x 23’0″ with an inside dimension of 10’5″ x 22’8″. Our unique bracket design enables vinyl to be placed behind the trim, eliminating wrapping around the back. The vinyl is then tensioned with gripper rod bolts.

Each face consists of: (1) Set of Stainless Steel Radius Corner Trim, (10) Bottom/Right hand trim brackets, (13) Top/Left hand trim brackets, (1) 18″ wide x 23′ long Radius Corner Top Horizontal Section, (5) 18″ wide x 23′ long Standard Horizontal Sections, (2 or 3) Sprits, (22 or 31) 2″ Hook Bolts, (4) or (6) Hanger Plates, (100) Stainless Steel Screws and (2) Ladder Stops.